Summer and Fall 2015 Programs for Spanish + Nature + Art Loving Families

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Conexiones 2015 Summer & Fall Programs

Spanish Day Camps +  Spanish and French Enrichment Programs + Spanish and French Family Classes + Rainforest Family Camps + Cultural Immersion Experiences + Spanish Play Care + Costa Rica Family Camp = YAY!

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Some weekly and day camp spots still available!

A unique summer program that connects children to nature, cultural diversity, the arts and each other through lots of experiential AVENTURAS (field trips 3 times per week), coupled with creative, eco-cultural, and play-based activities in a beautiful play studio in the old oak forest a top Sobrante Ridge.


Units/themes on the UNIVERSO, ANIMALES, ARTE, MURALES and more!

Complimentary shuttle to/from San Pablo and Berkeley.

Click here for more info – Spots still available, click here to apply


AVENTURAS Day Camp (Fall 2015)

Spanish through eco-cultural expeditions, art, play and more!

Get your child out of the home/classroom at least once a week! Children ages 3-9 enjoy bilingual (Spa/Eng) field trips of discovery and adventure (aka AVENTURAS) to SF Bay Area eco-cultural destinations – forests, museums, protected areas, coupled with creative play time at Kimba’s Play Studio.   This award winning program will expand your child’s mind and build their self-confidence as they joyfully discover the greater, amazing world and connect with nature, cultural diversity, the arts, their creative inner selves and more!


  • Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays
  • Aug. 24-Dec. 18, 2015
  • 9:30am-5pm
  • Complimentary shuttle to/from  San Pablo (8:35/5:15) and Berkeley (9am/5:30pm) for up to 6 studentsBest Language and Cultural Immersion Camp
  • Full Day: $84-105/day sliding scale
  • Be a parent helper and get up to 100% off!*
  • Childcare Lic. 073407624
  • For more info, click here
  • To apply, click here

*Parent helpers must be Tb tested and undergo a fingerprint clearance.


AVENTURITAS Program for private pods 

Offered year-round, upon request

A great after-school experience for growing and curious minds!

A fun and culturally enriching program, whereas students learn Spanish through joyful journeys around their local community that includes:

  • exploration (on foot and public transit) of their local community and its cultural and natural resources – this may include tasting different ethnic foods, volunteering, and learning about and from local residents that speak Spanish – i.e. interviews with the tortilla maker or a visit to the local salsa class teacher.
  • art activities and art projects that can be carried out outdoors at local parks and green spaces. This will include temporary art installations such as chalk murals and nature art (i.e. stone towers, mandalas made of twigs, etc). Photos will help capture these art projects for parents
  • music, songs, poetry and stories
  • cultural games and play-based activities (age-appropriate).

Request this program for your school or group of friends! Or join an existing pod wanting to be formed*

Click for a shareable e-flyer with vitals and details

These East Bay elementary schools have other parents wanting this program after school for the Fall semester, but need a few more students to make it happen:


Berkeley Arts Magnet

Jefferson Elementary School

Malcolm X Elementary School

Oxford Elementary School

Washington Elementary School

El Sobrante: 

Valley View Elementary School


Montclair Elementary School


Spanish Play Studio for Tots and Preschoolers (year-round)

Now offered at TWO Sites! 

Conexiones has partnered with two excellent home-based childcare providers serving the Berkeley and I-80 Corridor to Pinole area. They have adopted our unique approach and curriculum that combines intentional Spanish immersion, play-based learning, the arts, sustainability values, nonviolent communication and peace education!

 1. Kimba’s Play Studio on Live Oak Circle on Sobrante Ridge –

  • Accepting new children ages 18m+ for Fall Term – Aug. 24 to Dec. 18, 2015
  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Open 9:30-5:30pm (morning shuttle from Berkeley/San Pablo available)
  • Flex enrollment options – only one day per week OK!
  • 2014 recipient of Best of the East Bay Silver Medal for childcare.

2. Dina’s Play Studio on Alan Ct. in San Pablo – 

  • Accepting new babies and tots ages 1m+ starting in May 2015
  • Open year round M-F, 7am-6pm
  • Flex enrollement options
  • Tel. 510.275.3505

Click here to submit a no-obligation application


Spanish Through the Arts Program 

Offered year-round at requesting schools, cultural centers, etc.

Language through art, dance, music, cultural games, and more!

Spanish immersion workshops for children, whereas they learn Spanish or French through songs, music, cultural games, and communal and individual art projects. Older students learn through the elaboration of videos and ebooks using new media.  This unique eco-cultural program introduces children to the arts and eco-cultural values, while at the same time teaching them basic Spanish or French vocabulary, such as the numbers, colors and letters. This program has been offered at the Children´s Creativity Museum, Creative Arts Charter School, AltSchool, Valley View Elementary School, and Precita Eyes Muralists.

It can be offered at your site, community center or home too! Request it today! Click here for more info on bringing it to your site!

Potential sites with parents already interested (we just need a few more students to make it happen!):

1. Kimba’s Play Studio on Sobrante Ridge, Tu, Wed, and/or Thurs., 3-5pm (ages 3-8)

2. Precita Eyes Muralists Studio on Precita Ave. in San Francisco, TBD (schedule to be determined by interested students).

To learn more and request this program for your site, click here

Beta for 2015-2016:  French Through the Arts Classes – same concept, but in French!


Family Spanish Classes

Offered year-round, upon request

Learn Spanish with your children!  Children learn Spanish faster when they see their parents learning alongside them!  This is a great bonding experience and really gets children (and parents) excited about another language and culture.  A private teacher can come to your home for an hour class as many times per week as you’d like for evening or weekend private Spanish classes!  Invite a neighbor family to join in the fun!  Offered for East Bay and San Francisco families (Max of 11 students per class). Submit contact form below for information on these private classes.

Another or additional option is to travel to one of our sister schools in Costa Rica, Instituto Asis, and take Spanish classes while also living with a Costa Rican host family!  1-4 week programs available year round!  Email us to help you register or contact them directly – but don´t forget to tell them you learned about them through us to receive a 5% discount!

Beta for 2015-2016: Family French Classes – same concept, but in French!


Three Seeds Eco-Education Rainforest Camp

Eco-cultural immersion experience available year-round in Costa Rica for families and groups

Private groups and families are invited to visit our sister camp, Three Seeds Eco-Education Camp, a working organic family farm deep in the Costa Rican countryside (open year-round) and play int he rainforest, enjoy farm-to-fork workshops and live with a local host family or stay in a river-front private camping cabin or home. Three Seeds is located within Buenaventura Park and on the border of the Parque Nacional los Quetzales.  Your hosts, the Saenz-Newton family, grow most of their own food organically using a combination of local indigenous knowledge and progressive permaculture techniques, and they offer workshops to locals and visiting families and groups (ages 3 and up).  They grow fields of beans & corn, make their own cheese and they also cultivate dozens of different types of vegetables and medicinal & culinary herbs year round.  They also nourish their family and visitors with the 150 fruit trees, including mangos, avodados, oranges, star fruit, papaya and various types of bananas.   Three Seeds has provided workshops and classes to hundreds of families and student groups from all over the world, including university groups, high schools and local public and private schools. View photos of  a 3rd Grade and 6th Grade field trips to this hidden corner of Costa Rica.


  • Organic cooking, herb, plant and permaculture workshops
  • Chocolate-making
  • Private cabinas
  • Swimming, waterfalls, soccer
  • Wildlife and bird-viewing
  • Nourishment for body and soul
  • Open year round!
  • For more info, click here


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Conexiones Recommends Wisdom Keeper Rites of Passage Youth Camp

Join Conexiones Institute in sponsoring Bay Area youth so they may be part of a life-changing experience that will connect them with the natural world, each other and their inner selves...Wisdom Keeper Rites of Passage Youth Camp is in direct alignment with Conexiones´ mission and parallels our Conexiones Experience program in Costa Rica!
Sponsor a youth today, even if its just your own!

Finaliza con Éxito el Primer Festival de Cine Salvadoreño en San Francisco, California

Por: Manuel Arias El  teatro del  Centro Cultural   de la Misión para el Arte Latinoamericano (MCCLA) en San Francisco por sus siglas en ingles,  lucio  abarrotado el pasado  3, 4 y 5 de diciembre,  por cientos de personas  que atendieron el llamado  a presenciar  el Primer Festival de Cine Salvadoreño. Por primera vez, la  incipiente  cinematografía salvadoreña  ocupo  una de las salas más importantes de esta Ciudad, para presentar  16  audiovisuales  dirigidos por artistas visuales salvadoreños  y producidos en  su mayoría en  el territorio  Cuscatleco. Durante  dos años , el Colectivo Cultural Ana Gómez  conformado por un grupo de salvadoreños amantes de su cultura,  organizaron  este primer festival,   respaldado por  la Coordinación  de Cine y Audiovisuales de la Secretaria  de Cultura  del Gobierno  de El Salvador y por el Centro Cultural de la Mision. La muestra fue representativa  según dijeron sus organizadores,   puesto que estuvo compuesta por  una variedad de temas, desde locales hasta  universales, entre los  locales podemos mencionar  “La última ofensiva” de José Luis Sanz, “Entre los  Muertos” de Jorge Dalton, “Cuentos de Cipotes” del Museo  de la Palabra,  “Colima” de Audiovisuales de la UCA entre  otros. El esfuerzo fue sumamente grande, “ya que  durante dos años  trabajamos  voluntariamente en organizar la muestra, sacrificamos a nuestras  familias, nuestros  fines  de semana, vacaciones etc, sin embargo lo hicimos con todo nuestro corazón y amor por nuestro país y nuestra cultura” Aseguro  Dagoberto Argueta, miembro del Colectivo  en mención. José Luis Sanz, productor  de la película “La Última  Ofensiva” con la que se abrió la muestra cinematográfica  y quien vino  de  El Salvador  para formar parte del  evento, aseguro que la mayoría de los cineastas salvadoreños  se mostraron  muy entusiasmado en participar, al tiempo  que  expreso  sobre los grandes esfuerzos  que estos hacen  para producir  sus historias y sobre todo  en  lograr  que sus trabajos  participen en  festivales internacionales. Sanz de de origen español pero que reside en El Salvador desde hace 12 anos, participo  en  varios cines fórum, en donde intercambio  opiniones, ideas, información de producción de su película  e inquietudes respecto a su propuesta, en la que analiza la trayectoria de la izquierda salvadoreña  desde el conflicto armado hasta   conseguir llegar a la poder ejecutivo  en las   elecciones  del 2009. Este director  mantiene una postura bastante critica  sobre  el desempeño que  el Presidente de la Republica Mauricio Funes y  el partido Frente Farabundo Martí FMLN realizan  en lo que va de su gestión, especialmente en aquellos  problemas estructurales  que les heredo  el partido ARENA, quienes gobernaron  el país por más de 20 anos.  Los temores, las esperanzas y las expectativas de los salvadoreños y salvadoreñas   es lo que recoge  Sanz  en su película en donde además  plantea la eterna   polarización entre  la derecha y la izquierda, en la que  el pueblo salvadoreño  está inmerso. Por otro lado, las  películas   fueron seleccionadas  y adquiridas  por la Coordinación de Cine y Audiovisuales de la Secretaria de Cultura, dirigida  por el cineasta salvadoreño-cubano  Jorge Dalton. El proceso  tomo alrededor de un ano, incluyendo el envío de cada uno de ellas con sus respectivas fichas técnicas  y demás información visual.

Speaking in Tongues Documentary by Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider

Speaking in Tongues | PBS Speaking in Tongues is a film airing on PBS which follows four students involved in an educational experiment designed to make them bilingual and biliterate. The film questions rote debates about immigration, assimilation, globalization and what it means to be American in the 21st century.

Watch the full episode. See more Speaking in Tongues.

Meaningful internship opportunities for all ages!


Conexiones offers internship and work-study opportunities

that make a difference!

We offer youth, students and professionals applied learning opportunities to use and develop their bilingual, research, writing, communications, marketing or community building skills to advance projects that advance equitable and sustainable globalization.  Our interns can design their own project or find placement in sustainability-minded nonprofit organizations, educational productions or enterprising social enterprises known to Conexiones to be managed by great directors who love mentoring others and which are worthy of receiving volunteer support.

All successful internships receive letters of recommendation & a Certificate of Completion (and a cash stipend in some cases!)

Click here to learn more!