Costa Rica Eco-Cultural Experience

Eco-Immersion Experience for Families and Student Groups 

Student groups and families (ages 4+) are invited to visit our sister camp, a working organic family farm deep in the Costa Rican countryside (open year-round).  Three Seeds is located within Buenaventura Eco-Park and on the border of the Parque Nacional los Quetzales.

The Saenz-Newton family grow most of their own food organically using a combination of local indigenous knowledge and progressive permaculture techniques, and they offer farm-to-fork workshops to locals and visiting families and student groups (ages 3 and up).  They grow fields of beans & corn, and they also cultivate dozens of different types of vegetables and medicinal & culinary herbs year round.  They also nourish their family and visitors with the 150 fruit trees, including mangos, avocados, oranges, star fruit, papaya and various types of bananas.

Three Seeds has provided workshops and classes to hundreds of individuals from all over the world, including university groups, high schools and local public and private schools. View photos of  a 3rd Grade and 6th Grade field trip to this hidden corner of Costa Rica.


  • Organic cooking, herb, plant and permaculture workshops
  • Chocolate-making
  • Private cabinas at Buenaventura Eco-Lodge
  • Swimming, waterfalls, soccer
  • Wildlife and birdviewing
  • Intense nourishment
  • Amazing bonding experience for families
  • Open year round
  • For more info, click here

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